Richard & Moira Haddrell

In October 1993, Richard Haddrell decided he would tidy up some broken beehives out at his family farm, near Cambridge in the rural heartland of New Zealand’s North Island From this he found 15 productive beehives to start a honey business with his wife Moira. They met a retiring beekeeper who mentored them through that first year, and exchanged 50 beehives for labour. At the end of year one,  Richard and Moira had 85 beehives, (bees collected from swarms around Cambridge), and 7 tonnes of honey. Haddrells of Cambridge had survived its first season!

Moira and Richard’s vision was to produce 100% NATURAL bee products, made to the highest standards using New Zealand honey and environmentally sustainable methods.

Today, Richard and Moira remain passionate brand ambassadors for the brand, keeping the knowledge of & passion for beekeeping “in the family”.

Haddrell’s of Cambridge® - is still “direct from the beekeepers”.