Our People

  • Senior Beekeeper - Andrew

    "After studying for a degree in Sports Health, I found my passion in beekeeping. I have been with Haddrell's of Cambridge for 7 years now, leading a team of 12 beekeepers, as well as managing all the beekeeping tools and vehicles. I enjoy being a leader, working with the team to produce a good harvest of honey at the end of each season. My goal is to expand the numbers of hives we currently own, and develop my beekeeping skills especially in disease control. In my spare time, I love to go fishing, golfing and socialising with friends. Haddrell's of Cambridge is 100% real NZ Mānuka Honey, come and see us!"

  • Queen Bee Specialist - Flo

    "Hello everyone, I started my beekeeping career in the year 2000, working not only in New Zealand, but also in Australia, Canada and Philippines. I really prefer working outdoors than in an office, makes me feel more connected with nature. At work I care for thousands of queen bees, to ensure they are healthy and well fed. Working at Haddrell's of Cambridge offers a great degree of flexibility, and the people I work with are very friendly. I feel I have learnt a lot on the job. Outside work I also have my own 30 or so beehives to look after."

  • Honey Production Manager - Harry

    "I originally studied Mechanical Engineering and worked as a IT system analyst in Netherlands. I have worked at Haddrell’s of Cambridge for 8 years. My role is to manage the production of honey from drums into pots which are sold in supermarkets and retail stores. There are 10 people in my team; we are all passionate about honey production. Honey is never the same, every batch differs. It is my responsibility to consistently produce high quality honey, through the improvement and maintenance of the current equipment and procedures. Outside work, I coach and play in a local soccer team."
  • Operations Manager - Joel

    "I have worked at Haddrell's of Cambridge for 18+ years. Coming from a family with an apicultural background, I joined Haddrell's as a junior Beekeeper. Now I am responsible for managing our beekeeping operation and the supplier chain, with the help of over 30 team members. I enjoy working in an ever-changing environment, including changing government standards, export regulations and the varieties of honey due to bees, weather and flowers.  Beekeeping is never the same. The fun part of the job is that I am learning something new about the bees all the time, even though they have existed for thousands of years, and been studies thousands of times. Besides work, I consider myself a musician, and play the guitar quite well."

  • Beekeeping Team Leader - Steve

    "Started at Haddrell's of Cambridge at the age of 16, when I was learning about beekeeping in high school. I further developed my beekeeping skills from the master beekeeper Richard Haddrell on the job. It's been over 15 years since then, and I now look after a team of 8 beekeepers as well as thousands of bees. Fantastic people and bees, we all need each other. On the job, safety is always the most important. One day, I look forward to becoming a Master beekeeper myself, to have the industry know that the best beekeepers in NZ are trained by Steve."