About Mānuka Honey


Honey has been a valued, natural source of food for thousands of years. The most famous honey from New Zealand is Mānuka honey, which comes from the nectar of Mānuka flowers. Mānuka trees (Leptospermum Scoparia) are indigenous to New Zealand and commonly found in bushland. New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has a robust and sophisticated scientific definition that can be used to authenticate whether or not a particular honey is New Zealand Mānuka honey.

Mānuka honey is a delicious, earthy honey which has unique properties renown for treating topical ailments and supporting good health and well being.

Our Mānuka honey comes from beehives kept in New Zealand’s pure and lush countryside. Our expert beekeepers gather the honey at the end of the summer season and great care is taken of with this precious honey which is packed in our facility operating to an internationally recognised Food Safety Standard (SQF).