Honey from a better place

 The upper North Island of New Zealand is the perfect place for growing Mānuka trees- pristine, green, clean air, and sometimes very isolated…


 Placing hives well away from civilization allows the bees to get on with the job of making nutritious Premium UMF Mānuka Honey with minimal interference from pests, infestation, pollution, and people: the purer the environment, the purer the Mānuka honey.

In keeping with Richard and Moira’s pioneering spirit, Haddrell’s have commenced long term projects to ensure we get the very best Mānuka Honey for now and the future.This involves a large area in pristine Hawkes bay, which has been cleared of exotic trees and replanted with high quality Mānuka trees: thousands of Mānuka will be planted, securing the future for high quality, high UMF Mānuka honey.

As this area contains many NZ native flora and fauna (e.g. Kiwis etc), we are taking great care to ensure the environment remains as natural as possible, and the native Mānuka trees and bees have the perfect place to make high quality Mānuka honey…from a better place