The Haddrell's Story

Haddrell’s of Cambridge® was established in 1993 by Richard and Moira Haddrell with fifteen beehives, and a great passion for honey. 

Cambridge is a small rural town in the centre of the lush dairy farming district of Waikato, in the North Island of New Zealand, ideally located close to the pristine hills where the unique Mānuka tree grows.

Moira and Richard’s vision was to produce 100% NATURAL bee products, made to the highest standards using New Zealand honey and environmentally sustainable methods.

Today, Haddrell’s of Cambridge® is famous for the quality of their Mānuka honey, exporting to 12 countries and regions around the world.  There are  many more hives and millions of bees that gather the precious nectar from New Zealand’s native Mānuka tree.

Twenty five years on, Richard and Moira remain passionate brand ambassadors for the brand, keeping the knowledge of & passion for beekeeping “in the family”.

Haddrell’s of Cambridge® - is still “direct from the beekeepers”.